"It's not always about just solving the problem, it's about viewing the situation with a fresh perspective and open mind in order to find new opportunities that may be hiding within the problem."

-- Brenda Johnson

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Business Consulting Services

Rates are determined based on the project

  • Project and Company Vision Creation

  • Strategic Business Development and Implementation

  • Situation Analysis and Concept Development

  • Project / Market Research

  • Project Management

BOLD STEP Consulting specializes in creating and implementing strategies for development, growth and transition. Leaders know that bold decisions are needed in order to successfully develop, grow and pivot in their business. The foundation of a good decision is based on research, analysis, future insight, and smart strategies. 


We believe in taking a holistic view of every project and know that research is core to developing a strong strategy. The research is both internal and external to the organization including hearing the thoughts and perspectives of owners, employees, customers, suppliers, competitors and the community. We also take into consideration the current processes & procedures and upcoming changes in technology, rules and regulations. This gives multiple view points to more thoroughly understand the current challenges, create proactive solutions and identify new opportunities. Although not all projects require such thorough research, having experience in this realm offers insight of how deep to go in order to develop the most effective strategies for each project.


The Power of Questions: skillful questions bring clarity to the situation by encouraging a deeper analysis of the challenges and the company in general.


Start with the End in Mind: Developing your personal or company vision is the most powerful method for achieving success. This is the beacon that guides decisions, actions and overall direction.


Strategic Plan: a road map to get you from where you are now to your end vision. It will include the Why, How, and When. This guiding plan will communicate the mission and direction, set priorities and goals, and specifying timelines to achieving the vision. A well-crafted plan will garner commitment and buy-in from both internal and external stakeholders.


Implementation: perseverance, flexibility, and iteration are the keys that will help you succeed. Listening to feedback and responding to changes will create a strong foundation or success.

WE OFFER a blend of professional expertise including leadership, operations, management, project management, sales and marketing.

WE EXCEL at strategy development, conceptual thinking, idea synthesis, internal & external communications, along with guiding and supporting projects through times of change.

WE ARE DRIVEN by the challenge of designing a unique strategic path for each project and are dedicated to helping each leader reach their vision. 


"Brenda has been a strong leader.....instrumental in restructuring, developing and moving this company, dependable......ability to see problems, situations and life in a new angle.....asks poignant questions and is genuinely encouraging."

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