“I'm a testimonial

“I met Brenda while she was working on a multi-level project and was impressed with her business skills and ability to work with the team to solve the challenges at hand. Not long after, I needed support on a new business venture and immediatly invited her to join the team.  Brenda has been a strong leader on this project and has been instrumental in restructuring, developing and moving this company forward .”

Dennis Neff, Declarant / Owner, DTE I

“I'm a testimonial

“I have had the opportunity to work with Brenda for over  twenty years and have found her to a smart strategic thinker. She always does great research  and brings insightful ideas to client challenges.”

Carl Ribaudo, Principal, SMG Consulting

"Brenda was a leader in our company. She was involved in every start-up venture we introduced due to her ability to identify the most effective strategy for each project. She was smart, dependable  and had the desire and ability to be involved in every section of the company. I would highly recommend engaging her services."

Victor Kearney, CEO / Owner, Upright Inc



I am mostly positive and upbeat in life but even I have moments of insecurity or doubt. It is rare that I find someone who can shimmer light into these darker recesses like Brenda can. She has a vibrant, uplifting spirit that is radiant. She has the ability to see problems, situations, and life in a new angle, offering a significant new perspective. After every conversation with her, I feel motivated, uplifted, and energetic. She is a positive force in my life and I value her insight and inspiration.

Rajeev Nirmalakhandan, Writer, Director, New Mexico

Brenda and I met at a personal development class a few years ago.  She had an immediate interest in helping me with my business as a small business coach and specifically with social media and marketing.  I really appreciated her expertise along with her kind spirit and patience. We started working together again last year, but this time she coaches me in both personal development and business.  The more I work with her, the more appreciative I am of her unique ability to clarify psychological obstacles as well as implement practical solutions needed to move forward.  Her approach is value based with a focus on re-framing erroneous beliefs.  She asks poignant questions, is genuinely encouraging and also has a wonderful sense of humor, which is always helpful when going through challenging transitions.

Evonne Kane, Five Seasons Healthcare, Monarch Beach, CA

Change is hard, awkward, scary, and inevitable.  When I was faced with big life changes and not knowing what to do next, Brenda helped me see my situation as an opportunity for growth, bringing me closer to the person I really am.  She has become a calming, affirming and encouraging voice that I look forward to hearing.  She is teaching me how to find peace in uncertainty and joy in the journey.

Mark Miller, Assoc. Executive Director, Laguna Beach, CA

Hello Dear Brenda -- I am so happy and lucky to know you. Thank you so much for everything you have done for me. Love -- Helena

Helena, Orange County, CA